Tracy outside the DG

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# Title Director Written by Original airdate
1 "Tracy Beaker Superstar" Neasa Hardiman Elly Brewer and Ben Ward 8 January 2010

tracy is back with some new drama and is all big and grown up

2 "New Life's Eve" Neasa Hardiman Elly Brewer and Ben Ward 8 January 2010
Tracy is more concerned with writing her regular column for the local community newspaper than she is about keeping her promises to the kids. The situation worsens when she finds an old letter from her birth mother that Mike and Cam never told her about. With Tracy alienating kids and
staff, Mike has no choice but to sack her. A petition organised by Gus and a little help from Harry and Jeff ,listing the things "Tracy's done right"is all that saves her.
3 "Bad Luck Boy" Neasa Hardiman Jonathan Evans 15 January 2010

Toby is convinced that his life is jinxed, inspiring Tracy to write a funny column called "Bad Luck Boy" commenting on his hopless tryings. He becomes the butt of everyone's jokes and Tracy sets about making amends before he meets some prospective foster parents. Meanwhile, she clashes with Sapphire about tickets her father has sent her for a concert he's a roadie at. Mike and Gina won't let Sapphire go but Sapphire intends going anyway and during an argument with Tracy rips up the tickets. Toby gets Sapphire to draw a tarot card to see what his future will be. When she draws the death card Toby freaks out. Tracy and Sapphire persuade him the card symbolises a new beginning. Toby tells the foster parents he wants to stay at the Dumping Ground. Sapphire is told she can go to the concert with Tracy, but Johnny and tee flushed the tickets down the loo!

4 "By the Book" Neasa Hardiman Steven Turner 22 January 2010
Tracy is told to enforce the cleaning rotas and.Believing it will help get him and Tee fostered, Johnny starts volunteering himself and Tee for everyone's chores in return for gold stars in his file. Tracy feels Johnny is bullying Tee into doing all the house work. So she promises them gold stars no matter what they do. Tee forgetts about johnny and his chores and climbs the biggest tree in the garden and gets stuck when Tracy tells her to come down.Johnny climbs up to help her. He blames Tracy when Tee falls. She narrowly escaped serious injury thanks to an intervention by Toby. Tracy believes she'll get sacked but none of the kids have told Mike or Gina about it and her intervention brought Johnny to a closer understanding his sister and a realisation he has anger issues. Meanwhile, Liam and Frank try to make money by selling Tracy's books-but the books end up being taken away by the recycling van to the recycling centre. at the end Liam mentioned to says to Tracy "Tracy, is this a good time to mention you owe us 2 quid?".
5 "Family Values" Craig Lines James Nicol and Jonathan Wolfman 29 January 2010

When Lily and her sisters get fostered, Tracy doesn't take Carmen's upset about it too seriously, encouraging her to play with someone else.Johnny says Tee should try and get fostered on her own but she takes it the wrong. But the other kids have their own issues and don't want to play with Carmen, who becomes increasingly alienated and starts behaving deviously. Matters come to a head over lunch when she lambastes the people in the house, especially Tracy. That night, Carmen steals something precious from all the kids and barricades herself in her room with them. Tracy is let in to talk while the kids carry out a window assault using a ladder and water bombs. The attack is prevented, resulting in Gina getting soaked. Tracy comes to realise that Lily and her sisters had become like family to Carmen. She returns the kids' belongings and they come to realise Carmen wasn't thieving so much as reminding them what it's like to lose something precious. They let Carmen back into the fold with a game of cards. Debut: Matt and Christie Perry

6 "Anarchy in the Dumping Ground" Craig Lines Elly Brewer and Ben Ward 5 February 2010

While Gina is out, Tracy gets the all-night shift with Mike, who is ill and takes himself off to bed. Matters soon escalate out of Tracy's control as every kid gets increasingly hyperactive, driving Tracy mad with their own agendas. Things come to a head after Sapphire takes the lock off the bathroom door, Gus pees in her room and Frank and Liam are dragged back to the Dumping Ground by an angry man who caught them selling Tracy's uneaten pizzas door to door in a fake fund-raising scam. Tracy is convinced she'll get the sack as Gina arrives back, panicked by what Harry told her on the phone. But she finds the kids tucked up in bed as they should be – Harry's story passed off as a bad dream. Only Appearance: Vested Man and Lady Absent Lily, Poppy and Rosie

7 "Secrets" Craig Lines Emma Reeves 12 February 2010

Tracy finds stolen goods in Sapphire's room and soon discovers they don't belong to her. Meanwhile, Liam finds out that Gus's notebooks are filled with people's secrets, through which Liam, Gina and Mike find out a lot about each other. Final Appearance: Sergant Nelson

Only Appearance: Ferris Lloyd

Absent:Lily, Rosie and Poppy

8 "Sisters" Craig Lines Elly Brewer and Ben Ward 19 February 2010

Following an incident with her foster parents about the custody of Rosie and Poppy, Lily is sent back to the Dumping Ground. Tracy tries to show Matt and Christie that Lily has learnt her lesson, but Lily becomes maternal again and shouts at Matt and Christie for giving Poppy tuna. Meanwhile, Tee hides a sheep in the DG, and Gus is desperate to get to his orchestra audition on time. Only Apperence: Rob and Cabbie

Absent: Cam Lawson

9 "Good Luck Boy" Michael Davies Emma Reeves 26 February 2010

Toby and all the other boys at the DG have to lie about being a family when they win a free holiday to Florida, however, the competition announcer, Terrie, tricks them into buying the holiday with Mike's credit card. They manage to defeat her however, when they sneak into her office and get the memory stick which has all of her con files on it. Meanwhile, Tracy is learning how to drive under Cam's guidance, and Carmen is determined to cheer Lily up.By getting her a cute hamster. Only Appearance: Terri Fender

10 "Viva Carmen" Michael Davies Elly Brewer and Ben Ward 5 March 2010

Carmen's mother turns up at the Dumping Ground wanting to see her daughter. After a day out together, it appears that Carmen's mother has changed her ways until she reveals that she's the same, selfish woman who abandoned her daughter to go to Spain. Meanwhile,Tracy, Mike and Gina trick the kids into thinking there's been a power cut, because there's been a lot of arguments, so they all have a barbecue as a family.

Only Appearance: Helan Howle

Absent: Cam Lawson

11 "Werewolf" Michael Davies Steven Turner 12 March 2010

Carmen sees someone hairy in the bush when she went to get a ball that lily axidently kicked into it.She thinks it's a werewolf, but little does she know is that it is actually Sapphire's younger brother, Riff, who has run away from home to see Saff. Meanwhile, Tracy has some college coursework to complete And the boys are competing on a game in order to win Gus's game guitar. Only Appearance: Riff Fox

Absent: Cam Lawson

12 "Day at the Beach" Michael Davies Jonathan Evans 19 March 2010

A day at the beach becomes a journey beset with disasters. Someone programmes Mike's GPS to return to the Dumping Ground when they breakoff at a servise station. Mike accidentally fills the van with diesel, or does he? It is revealed Johnny is the reason for all the problems, as when he was younger, he buried Tee in the sand whilst his mum went with her new found boyfriend and when the tide came in he couldn't get her out quick enough. he thought she was going to drown. However, They end up going to the beach when tee tells Johnny that they'll be allright and the episode ends with everyone smiling and eating fish and chips on the seafront. Only Appearance: The Service Station Manger

Absent: Cam Lawson

13 "Moving On" Michael Davies Elly Brewer and Ben Ward 26 March 2010

Tracy has been offered a job in London to become a full-time reporter. To receive the job she has to write a test article on the kids in care. When she tells the Dumping Ground kids, they lose their tempers and refuse to help her because they all want her to stay. Then starting with Johnny and Tee , all the kids secretly join in with the intervews.Lily is the last to help out as she thinks that if Tracy goes then she can't get back with Poppy and Rosie. Tracy takes the article to the editor who gives her the job. Surprisingly, Tracy turns down the job, claiming that the Dumping Ground is the place she wants to be, saying that she would miss the kids too much. Despite this, the article is published in the newspaper, and Tracy is welcomed back to the Dumping Ground once more. Only Appearance: The Editor NOTE: This episode was dedicated to the memory of Tommy Hair.

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