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Liam O'Donovan is the first care kid we see in Tracy Beaker Returns. He comes across as a bit of a troublemaker, but it is soon discovered that he has a soft spot for those he cares about such as Tracy, Frank and some of the care kids (especially Carmen).

Liam is first seen running away from a man and a policewoman. Eventually he bangs into a car, and they both catch up with him. He is then arrested and taken to the police station, which is where he meet Tracy Beaker for the first time, who is there on charge for 'borrowing' some money off her foster mother Cam in order to publish her new book. The charges are dropped for both of them, so they depart ways for the time being.

Tracy then runs away, and as she has nowhere else to go, she ends up at...The Dumping Ground and gets a job there. The story has officially begun!

Throughout Series 1 and 2, Liam is seen as slightly immature, but near the end of Series 2, and the beginning of Series 3, he seems to have matured a lot. Not only does he look older, but has reduced the scamming, and is also now concentrating on those he has, not those he does not have. However, nowhere in any of the series does it suggest that Liam is bothered about getting fostered.

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